Byron Neslen Southwest Fine Art Photography



It was fall 2004 and I was photographing near Saddle Mountain on the north rim of the Grand Canyon. I had noticed a dirt road going off the one I was on and decided to explore the road. I went down the road quite a little ways in my two-wheel drive Nissan pick up truck and decide to turn around before I got my truck stuck since the road was getting worse. As I was returning I noticed another road coming off the one I was on. I decide to hike down the road since it didn’t look like it went far. I came to a water tank at the end of the road. I almost miss it but I noticed a small trail and took that.

The trail was part of a road but very overgrown. There were aspens going on both sides of the road and were at the peak of fall colors. The light coming though the trees was yellow because of all the yellow aspens overhanging on both sides of the road. There were spruce trees growing in the middle of the road that were at least 15 feet high. The road had been abandon for quite awhile. Mexican Locusts was growing in various places along the road. I felt like I just had come into a cathedral. The most beautiful cathedral I had ever seen. The yellow aspen leaves were acting as yellow stain glass windows in this cathedral. I walk about an hour along this road or cathedral just enjoying what I was seeing and feeling. The scene felt like I was walking on holy ground. I finally got my view camera from my truck and shot several images. Most of the images I shot in there are very nice. However as nice as the images look they are a poor substitute for what I saw felt and heard as the wind went though the leaves of the trees.