Byron Neslen Southwest Fine Art Photography


Fence Point, North Rim Grand Canyon

Fence point is one of my favorite viewpoints on the north rim. It has a great view of the canyon plus some interesting areas with rocks and trees to photograph for the foreground. One particular time I photographed a great sunset, which felt like I was the only one that saw it. Before that sunset I photographed the canyon facing east as the last rays of the sun light it up. Many times if I am lucky I will set up my camera facing east then west for my evening or morning shot.

A few years later I found myself at Fence Point in the late afternoon. It was raining and I was thinking that I needed to go to another viewpoint. I wanted to go Crazy Jug and decided that I would try to get my sunset shot there. As I was traveling down the road from Fence Point the little voice in my mind was saying you need to turn around and go back. If you ever watch Thomas Magnum P.I. he talks how he should or does listen to the voice in his head to solve a case. I was having this voice tell me to turn around and quite loudly. I had already shot sunset image at fence and thought I would be wasting my time to go back. The voice said you need to go back and besides by the time you get to Crazy Jug View Point it is going to be too late. I turn the truck around after going a couple miles from Fence Point.

The rain was mostly gone and was sprinkling a little bit. I waited a bit then decided to get my gear and hike out to where I wanted to photograph. When I hiked to where I needed to be I couldn’t believe my eyes. The storm had moved out into the canyon toward Steamboat Mountain. The light from the sun lit up the clouds and the storm with that wonderful golden light. I shot a horizontal and vertical image with Steamboat Mountain in the middle ground of the images. The storm that I was in moved out into the canyon at the right time and allowed the sun to come out at the right time.

I have found many times that if I listen to the small voice in my head that there is a good reason for it. I had the small voice say go to Marble View Point and photograph a morning shot instead I went back to sleep and a tree landed on my truck an hour later at Saddle Mountain. I now try to listen more earnestly because of what has happen in the past and because I feel that small voice is from a higher source.