Byron Neslen Southwest Fine Art Photography



Glendale Glitters Portfolio


Glendale Glitters occurs the first weekend after Thanksgiving in November. The lights stay up untill usally the third Saturday in January when for the last night they have the Hot Air Balloon Glow. When a lot of the cities in the greater Phoenix area have discontinue or cut back on their Christmas decoration Glendale has increase it. The main part of Glendale Glitters is at Murphy Park in downtown Glendale about 58th ave and Glendale however some of it is located on the streets surrounding Murphy Park. Glendale has something going on every weekend before Christmas. Many times they shut down many of the streets around the park including Glendale for these festive weekends. On the last night of the Glendale Glitters usually third Saturday in January they have the Balloon Glow which is spectacular to see. Glendale has really tried to grow culturally while many of the cities including Phoenix have let a lot of that culture die.