Byron Neslen Southwest Fine Art Photography


Lens Goes Rolling Down

A friend an old roommate also, Bob, and I had gone to Bryce National Park in southern Utah to photographed in 2003. Bob had taken classes at Phoenix College in photography and that is how we met. Bob had never been to Bryce and I had been there quite a few times before and thought it was a good place to photographed. Northern Arizona and southern Utah are one of my favorite places to photograph because of the natural beauty of the area.

It was in the morning and we were by the Navajo Loop Trail that went down into the canyon. I was in the process of switching lens of my 4 x 5 view camera when somehow my 65 mm lens for my 4 x 5 camera came out of my backpack when I was looking for a lens. We were by a railing to keep people from falling into the canyon where we were at however the railing had about a six inch gap from the bottom of it to the ground. The lens went though this gap and rolled down the side into the canyon. It seem like the lens was moving in slow motion but too quick for me to stop it. My friend looked at someone and myself who were nearby at the expressions on our faces. He said he would never forget the look that we both had.

Afterwards I decided to see if by chance the lens landed on the beginning portion of the Navajo Loop Trail and went racing down the trail as my friend stayed up top. The lens landed on the trail. I keep my lens in Crown Royal bags to protect them and I got quite a few of them for free where I work at. The lens rolled and dropped about 40 to 50 feet the bag soften the fall. The lens was all right except the aperture didn’t work because one of the leaves was mess up from the fall. I later repaired the lens and I am still using the same lens. The image shown here was shoot with this lens and was fairly close to the place where this happen but at a latter time.