Byron Neslen Southwest Fine Art Photography


The Narrows in Zion

This was my second time to Zion National Park, which is located in southern Utah close to Bryce National Park. My brother Michael and his daughter Ashlee went up to Zion also. My brother and I did some things together but for the most part went different paths. My brother says I take too long photographing so many times we go different paths if we take a vacation together. I had heard about the narrows in Zion from a couple that Bob, an old roommate, and I had met at the Grand Canyon photographing on an earlier visit.

I decided to take my medium format camera with me to photograph the narrows. When you hike the narrows you need a pair of shoes you don’t mind getting wet since most of the trail is walking in the Virgin River. The Narrows gets it name from Navajo sandstone that rise at least 500 vertical feet and the canyon is just large enough for Virgin River to flow though. If there is a flash flood you have very little places to go because the walls of the canyon are vertical. The Narrows are very beautiful and having a wide-angle lens is a must if you want to capture some if not all of the walls. I hiked up to where the Orderville Creek joins the Virgin River about three miles. I shot three really nice images that trip. One of these images was of large log on a large bolder. I was very tired that night because I was hiking for a large part of the hike in the river and going against the current. The following summer I went back to photographed the narrows with my large format camera. When I went to the area were the log was on the boulder, the log was gone. This left quite impression how strong the current must have been sometime during that last year.