Byron Neslen Southwest Fine Art Photography



Late summer is when the sunflowers north Flagstaff, Arizona comes into bloom. I had shot outside of Sunset Crater in a field called Bonita but wanted to see if I could find other sunflowers in the area. I happen to go to Locket Meadow and on the way out noticed that part of the mountain just north of Sunset Crater was yellow. I drove my truck over to that side of the mountain and found some dirt roads that took me to the batches of sunflowers. I drove around the found lots of sunflowers up and down the mountain. This particular field was on the lower part of the slope. I set up my camera and had to wait for the wind to stop blowing the flowers around. There were some nice clouds in the sky. I shot two images of this scene one in the sunlight and one when it clouded up a bit. I would of like to get several shots of this field but it begin to rain that afternoon which is common during that time of the year. I have gone back to try to get a better image since then and haven’t been successful. Some years like 2009 it didn’t rain enough so there weren’t many sunflowers. This is one of my favorite images even though I consider it simple but for some reason I love the image.