Byron Neslen Southwest Fine Art Photography



Sonoran Desert Portfolio


The Sonoran Desert is mainly located in southern Arizona and northern Mexico. On average the Sonoran Desert receives about seven inches of rain a year. What make the Sonoran Desert so lush compare to other deserts is that it has two rainy season. During the winter in which the rain is gentle and falls for a period of time and the summer monsoon season, which the rains comes quickly and leaves quickly. Most deserts have just one rainy season. When the winter and early spring rains have been abundant the Sonoran Desert is a green carpet with wildflower blooming in the spring. This trends to happens only once every five to ten years. The Sonoran Desert can be one of the most beautiful places to be. From about October to April the weather is perfect. I have just started in ernest to photograph the Sonoran Desert the last two or three years and more images will be posted on this gallery as soon as I can find time to print the images.